4 Great Content Marketing Ideas for the B2B Main Generation

The general perception is that content marketing is basically meant for a brand building exercise. Perhaps, many companies are approaching this digital marketing technique from this particular perspective. While it can’t be blamed, content marketing can also be used to generate leads for your business. And, that’s the reality.

Explore four great content marketing ideas for B2B mainstream generations.

Create an e-book

Is the business community the target audience for your business? Then, the best way to target them is by producing high-quality e-books. Business leaders and those at the top of the business generally play the role of strategists, simultaneously overseeing the execution and implementation of ideas. Having said that, they are generally looking for new insights and information relating to their business. And, eBook creation is one of those content marketing ideas where your business can attract potential prospects from the business community.

How do I capture prospects through an e-book?

Incorporate less complex shapes on landing pages to capture leads. Make sure that the form cannot be filled with unnecessary fields. Keep simple. Understand that your target audience will not be interested in spending more time filling out forms.

If your intention is to generate maximum leads from your eBook, then create a great landing page. Offer a glimpse into the information contained in the e-book. And, this is where the real trick lies. Don’t be too promotional. Design content in a way that urges your target audience to read. Highlight carry-over headlines.

Let the e-book be educational

The e-book must offer great value to readers. In other words, the reader should be satisfied that in most cases the question has been answered by reading the resource. E-books provide space for thinking about any subject matter in depth. And, that’s where the specialty lies. The more informative your book is, the maximum is the probability that readers will turn to you again for further insights.

Webinar hosting is another content marketing idea for gathering leads if at all the main focus of your business is B2B. The webinar should enrich attendees with resourceful information that is of great value.

How do I capture leads through webinars?

Create a webinar registration page and a detailed solicit where you can find out the attendees’ expectations. Perhaps, it could be in the form of a qualification questionnaire. In order to generate leads, choose trending topics that are relevant to your target audience. The webinar registration page should consist of the title, how the session will be, the information assets offered to attendees and the presentation style.

Give a brief about the speaker. It is the speakers who will share the interest of the participants. Hosting a webinar with unattractive speakers as a resource is not going to help a business. The lead acquisition will be very low in such a case.

Webinar hosting is another content marketing technique for lead generation that is widely adopted by companies focused on the b2b segment.

Publishes White Documents at frequent intervals

White papers are a great resource for generating leads. Although many consider it out of date, it commands great potential till this date.

What should be the style of content in the White Paper?

The content in white papers should be entirely research-centered, and on the other hand, should be on topics that affect the customer’s buying journey. However, don’t deviate from this. Make sure that the content is very informative in all respects, otherwise there is limited possibility of customers buying your white paper.

How do I generate leads through white papers?

In the first example, the white document should describe you as a thought leader in the subject matter. To grab the reader’s attention, incorporate a catchy and catchy title that properly conveys the uniqueness of the information.

Generating leads by producing white papers is one of the popular content marketing techniques recommended for companies focused on the B2B segment.

Construct visual content

No other content form results in increased content engagement than visual content. Even mediocre content, when coupled with good visual elements, generates great traction. Ensure that visual elements and visual representations of content align with the content theme.

How to capture leads through visual content?

Despite the visual content, don’t add too many graphics on the landing page. Include minimal graphics and precise content yang outlines the key takeaway generated content. Don’t let your landing page speed drop because of the images and other visual elements that are incorporated into the landing page.