May 14, 2021


If you’ve been doing SEO for a while, you’ve probably noticed that long-tail keywords are becoming more common. Long-tail keywords are now being used by SEO companies in Mumbai to find more valuable low-competition, high-traffic keywords. People have been using longer and longer keywords to find the answers they were searching for since the introduction of voice to speech technology. The introduction of voice search has resulted in keyword lengthening. These keywords are also known for having a high conversion rate. Long-tail keywords have become an integral part of the SEO strategy for most SEO companies in Mumbai. So, how do you go about targeting long-tail keywords, and why should you?

Make a strong goal.

Keyword research and discovery has become increasingly easy. The availability of tools that help SEO services in Mumbai find long long-tail keywords with a high conversion rate and low competition has made it easier for them to do so. After finding your content using the tools they use for analysis, SEO services in Mumbai use these long-tail keywords to improve it. Before the advent of these tools, it was difficult to find and study long-tail keywords, but it is now much simpler, and it should become a staple of your SEO strategy.

What are long-tail keywords, exactly? Long-tail keywords are extremely descriptive and tailored phrases that target precisely what a customer is looking for. These keywords have a low level of competition, a low search volume, but a high conversion rate. These phrases are referred to as long-tail keywords by SEO companies in Mumbai because they are found at the very tail end of the search volume. This indicates that in a month, not many people are actively searching for the keyword. However, since there is so little competition at the tail end of the spectrum, they are simple to rank, and since these keywords are so precise, conversion rates are typically higher.

Keywords with a long tail

Long-tail keywords are usually more descriptive, and people have a strong intention to purchase the item. Instead of using the keyword “home,” you might try “2 BHK houses for sale in Colaba.” A consumer looking for houses may be looking for a variety of items, like movies, but if they are looking for the latter, it is obvious that they want to buy a house in Colaba. Even if less people search for it, since you targeted the keyword, people are more likely to visit your website. This is used by SEO services in Mumbai to increase conversion rates over simply clicking through. Long-tail keywords are normally 2-3 words long and have little to do with the length of the name.

It also aids in the optimization of semantic search. As previously stated, times have changed, and technology has evolved along with them. To find what they want, the younger generation is constantly using voice to text conversion and search bots. Mumbai SEO services take advantage of this. People who used to search for ‘Chinese food’ now use search bots to search for ‘best Chinese restaurant near me,’ thanks to the advancement of this technology. As a result, Google and other search engines have returned extremely informative results for the query. And, since it is so specific, there is little traffic on the keyword, but conversions are common.

Even if there is less traffic, these keywords are extremely valuable for a business; the conversion rate on the keyword makes it extremely useful for a company to use. When it comes to long-tail keywords, SEO services in Mumbai should inform businesses about what they’re doing.